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Landlord Associations are they worth joining ?

Landlord Associations are they worth joining ? 

It is estimated that there are between 1.5 and 1.9 million landlords in the UK as at the time of writing.

Compare this figure to membership numbers of some of the larger Landlord Associations (NLA 40,000 and RLA 17,000) and it is clear that there is a huge gap between the number of landlords now in the UK and those who bother to join a recognised Landlord Association.

Why is this? And what should a landlord consider when deciding to join an association. Well in our experience the membership costs offer extremely good value for money. Prices and policies vary between each organisation but there is a good choice of National or Regional and also Commercial / Non Profit making associations to pick from.

Membership fees can start from under £100 annually and as well as providing a useful hub and central repository for all things Landlord they also offer access to services and products at discounted or Trade prices. Memberships fees we find can therefore be easily recouped with few necessary and pertinent purchases such as insurance or decorating supplies.

Landlord Appliance Protection are a strong supporter of Landlord Associations and in recognition of this offer an additional free month of appliance cover upon purchase of a Landlord Appliance Protection policy. To qualify for this simply enter your Landlord Association membership number when completing your payment details and we will do the rest.

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